Follow Your Kind

Follow Your Kind

Conversations with heroes of plant-based nutrition, activism, conscious capitalism, self-discovery and passion hosted by Krystyna R. - an Atlanta resident with a mission to build a community around kindness and healthy living.

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    Ree Shreeves on Conscious Consumerism and Zero Waste

    Anamarie "Ree" Shreeves is an earth advocate, who works closely with environmentally-driven organizations to support and promote their mission.

    Ree started her zero waste habits in April 2014, and simultaneously established a brand and founded a blog called Fort Negrita. At one point, it took her 13 months to fill a 32-ounce mason jar with personal trash! Her zero waste pursuits has led to features on PBS, CNN and ESSENCE Magazine.

    Today Ree is known among Atlanta residents. She co-organizes an annual earth day event called bEARTHday Fest, has taught zero waste workshops locally and at national conferences, jump-started the "Zero Waste in Atlanta" Facebook group, developed the “Atl Zero Waste Guide” and consulted local businesses in zero waste operations and accommodations. She also hosts ongoing reusable menstrual pad workshops so people that bleed can take ownership of their menstrual cycles, and sells reusable pads online and via in-person events.

    We talk about conscious consumerism, economical prosperity and the responsibility that we have to clean up after ourselves. Ree shares her journey, what inspired her to go "zero waste", how her views evolved through the years and the exciting projects she is working on right now.

    Website: Shop:

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    Jackson Long on #FiberFebruary and Finding the Middle Path Powered by Plants

    Jackson Long is a mountain athlete, a podcaster, videographer and photographer, co-founder of Thought for Food podcast and brand, TEDex speaker, beholder of Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell, an animal activist and an incredibly funny humble caring person on a continuous path of growth and self-perfection. We start with conversation about fiber and it's importance, discuss his journey of finding plant-based nutrition, and dive in into how it folds into endurance sports. We talk about eating disorders and disordered eating and its prevalence in the athletic community. Jackson talks about the specific things endurance athletes should look out for and how their version of plant-based diet may look different. We discuss the modern vegan movement, the extremes, and finding the balanced approach that is inclusive, rather than ostracizing. Jackson also shares the projects he is working on and exciting things he has coming his way.

    To learn more or connect with Jackson check out the links below:


    Instagram: @jacksonlong

    TEDex talk:

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    Nichole Dandrea on Chocolate, Kindness and 53 Reasons to Eat More Plants

    Nichole Dandrea is a plant-based registered dietitian with a passion for the powerful healing properties of whole foods and the positive effects of plant-based eating for animals and the environment. Nichole shares her plant-based inspiration through Purely Planted website, blog and social media, she leads vegan grocery shopping tours, does one-on-one and group coaching and detailed diet analysis for her clients. Nichole has also founded and ran a vegan organic chocolate business for 10 years - Nicobella Organics. In this conversation Nichole shares her journey. We talk about chocolate, yoga, kindness and discuss 53 reasons to eat more plants! Tune in to learn more and reach out to Nichole via links below!


    Vegan Food Tour:



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    Robby Barbaro on Mastering Diabetes with Plants

    Robby Barbaro is a co-founder of Mastering Diabetes Program - an online coaching program that has changed the lives of more than 3,000 people around the world living with type 1 diabetes, type 1.5 diabetes, prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes. Before that Robby spent several years working in Forks Over Knives - a documentary and a brand that changed so many lives revealing the truth about the health, ethical and environmental implications of consuming animal products. This conversation is a deep dive in understanding the nature of diabetes, the biggest myths surrounding it, the financial consequences of diabetes on our economy, and the power that plant-based nutrition offers in healing our bodies.

    To learn more, please visit Follow Robby on Instagram at

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    Dominick Thompson Challenges You to Eat What Elephants Eat

    Dominick Thompson is a leader in the vegan community and founder of Crazies and Weirdos®, Eat What Elephants Eat® and the Running Herd. Because of this and his assertive activism, Dominick has received global recognition and has been featured in NPR News, ABC News,Men’s Health Magazine, Men’s Muscle and Fitness Magazine, Esquire, Veg News Magazine,, PETA and more recently, appeared on the cover of the Bright magazine in London. We talk about Dominick's fur-daughter - Scruff McFLy - and the role she played in his healing process. Dominick shares his reasons for going vegetarian and vegan, and what drives him to continue his work as an activist. He talks about about his work, new exciting projects he has lined up, such as his new wellness and nutrition program - Eat What Elephants Eat, the bigger vision behind it, and the upcoming podcast. Tune in to learn more!

    To learn more and connect with Dominick follow the links below:

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    Leah Garcés on Constructive Activism and Mercy For Animals

    Leah Garcés is a founder of Compassion in World Farming USA and, as of October 1, the first female President of Mercy for Animals (MFA) - an international nonprofit animal protection organization founded in 1999 by Milo Runkle. Mercy For Animals is dedicated to preventing cruelty to farmed animals and promoting compassionate food choices and policies. Leah shares her vibrant journey in animal wellfair non-profits and what she has learned along the way. We talk about animal farming being a social justice issue, about the importance of stepping out of the “bubble” and bringing together many movements, thus finding their “intersectionality” and making them stronger. We talk about constructive activism, hope, and finding alternative solutions.

    MFA website:

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    Jacob Aqua Spreading the Ripples of Kindness

    Jacob Aqua is a wellness coach, a mindfulness advocate and a co-founded Good Vibe Tribe, a club at Emory that uses holistic wellness techniques to give students the tools to succeed emotionally in the college environment. Jacob shares his journey, the personal challenges and struggles he went through that ultimately led him to discovering mindfulness and meditation as a tool to peace, joy and serenity. We talk about self-care and self-love, different meditation technics and the role of technology, and the power of community and human connection. Jacobs gives 3 simple tips on how to start a meditation practice and what does it mean to "set an intention".

    To learn more please visit:

    @jaquawellness on Instagram

    Jacob Aqua on Facebook

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    "Go Out and Prevent Heart Disease!" with Lori Boyd, MSN, RN-BC, CVN

    Lori Taylor Boyd, MSN, RN-BC, CVN is a coordinator at Joe R. Utley Heart Resource Center in Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System. Lori has been a nurse for over 40 year. 9 years ago she has been asked to start a heart resources center and was told to "go out and prevent heart disease"... No pressure! Lori shares her journey and her experience of learning and growing a plant-based program in her community to tackle a number one killer of people in America - Heart disease.

    Some of the resources and websites we discuss are listed below:

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    Rebecca Portman and Thinking Forward with Forward Food

    Rebecca Portman is a Food and Nutrition Coordinator at Forward Food, a program of Humane Society of United States. Rebecca assists school districts, hospitals, colleges, universities, detention centers, and the like to integrate plant-strong options into their systems. I first met Rebecca at the book signing of Humane Economy by Wayne Pacelle and our paths have crossed many times since then. We talk about Rebecca's path to discovering plant-based lifestyle and the amazing work she does today with Forward Food. You wish your institution would offer more plant-based options on the menu? Tune in, because Rebecca might be just the person you are looking for.

    For more information visit:

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    Empowering People through Living Food with Chef Zu

    Chef Zu is a Holistic Nutritionist, Urban Agriculturalist & Plant Based Chef who focuses on providing "Health & Wellness" to less fortunate communities through facilitating programs based around culinary arts, agriculture and nutrition. Chef Zu has a passion and love for studying the science of plant based foods and using the most nutritious ingredients to create amazingly flavorful vegan and raw cuisine. In this conversation, Chef Zu talks about his story, his passion and what drives him to do the work he does today. He talks about the concept of "living" food, and how educating people about the food they eat and how to prepare it, can empower them, gain confidence and experience abundance. He talks about the language of food, and ability to express love, unconditional love. We discuss the power of agriculture and the importance of buying food locally. And of course, Chef Zu talks about his food philosophy and shares some of the main tips and food staples for a nourishing, flavorful and living food options.

    To learn more, visit:

    Follow Chef Zu:

    The upcoming event Food Waste in a Food Insecure World:

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    Evelisse Capo and The Food Pharmacy

    Evelisse Capó, PharmD is a founder of The Food Pharmacy, Instructor and Spanish Outreach Coordinator at T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies Certificate Program and Food for Life Instructor at Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. She holds close to a dozen of different plant-based certifications and has accomplished that while also raising 4 beautiful plat-strong children. Wonder where she gets all the energy? Tune in and learn for yourself!

    To learn more please visit:




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    Plant-Based Myth-busting with Dr. Pamela Fergusson: From Raising Kids to Running Marathons

    Dr. Pamela Fergusson is a Registered Dietitian with a PhD in nutrition, and over 15 years of experience of working in the field. She is currently in private practice in British Columbia, Canada. Pamela has been featured on many podcasts, spoken at Plant-Based Prevention of Disease conference, the International Congress of Dietetics in Granada, Spain and Dietitians of Canada 2018 conference in Vancouver. She has worked as a Dietitian in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia for organizations such as Unicef and the World Food program and has a broad and diverse experience in research and teaching as well as public health and clinical practice.

    Pamela is a mother of 4 beautiful children, has done sevaral half-marathons, marathons and ultras, and is a wonderful and kind human being with a passion for spreading the message of plant-based positivity.

    In this conversation we address some of the concerns that are often brought up around plant-based diet being sufficient for pregnancy, raising healthy children and endurance training.

    To learn more or to work with Pamela please visit:

    For many wonderful recipes, article and healthy living tips follow Pamela on social media:

    @DrPamelaRD on Facebook

    @drpamela.rd on IG

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    Jen Foley and the Power of Individual Activism

    Jen Foley is an amazing, fun, kind and educated person, who embraced a vegan lifestyle 24 years ago and has been dedicated to sharing her message and experience with others ever since. Jen is one of the admins for Vegan Atlanta group, which has more than 8000 members and is in the heart of the vegan movement in Atlanta. Tune in, as Jen talks about the power that each of us has as an individual to stand up for what we believe and how to be more effective when sharing your message. Jen also talks about her journey to becoming vegan and some of the mental strategies she employed when transitioning. Fun facts: Jen was a member of Vegan Atlanta group 10 years ago when it only had 30 members and met regularly for lunch; she also worked with Nathan Runkle in Ohio when he was 14 and was just starting Mercy for Animals. Please check out show notes for many useful links Jen kindly provided.

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    Driven by Curiosity: Ultra Running and Plant-Based Diet with Jackie Merritt

    Jackie Merritt is a physical therapist and biomechanist, she has a PhD in Neuroscience, and has completed FOUR 100 mile races. She has finished F7 (seventh female) in Western States 100 mile Endurance Run in 2017. And she has done it all on a plant-based vegan diet! It is a conversation about her path to becoming vegan, what motivated her and how it positively impacted her running career. Jackie shares her tips for training and fueling, her experience with Western States, and addresses common concerns women may have about plant-based vegan diet being sufficient for endurance running...or pregnancy.

    To learn more about Jackie or to connect with her follow the links below:

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    Tara Kemp on Food and Feels: Bringing Self-Love to Your Relationship with Food

    Tara Kemp is a health coach, a plant-based nutrition expert, and a dear friend from P-POD. Her impressive resume includes working with titans like Engine 2, PCRM, Forks Over Knives and Mastering Diabetes, just to name a few. Tara has also started an interdisciplinary PhD program bringing together emotional, sociological and psychological aspects of food together with nutritional side of it, for a truly wholistic approach.

    Having struggled with eating disorder herself, Tara goes far beyond of what is on our plate. This is a conversation about healing, hope, empowerment, and nourishment that can come from food. A conversation about self-love and forgiveness. I couldn't agree more:

    “The way that we eat is an act of self-love”.

    To learn more about Tara or connect with her follow the links below:




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    Brittany Summerlin, Living with Type I Diabetes and Eat Well ATL

    Brittany Summerlin is an Atlanta-based, Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist. She has just launched Eat Well ATL - her private nutrition practice that provides a balanced approach to nutrition and lifestyle. As someone who has been diagnosed with Type I Diabetes at the age of 10, Brittany has found passion in sharing her knowledge and experience with living with and managing chronic disease, and how lifestyle choices, including diet, exercise, and mindfulness, affect our health.

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    Kathy Pollard, Sustainable Diet and the Upcoming "Climate Party!"

    Kathy Pollard, MS is a is co-founder, with Micaela Karlsen, MSPH, of the dietary transition program and website,, offering articles, recipes and support for a plant-based life. Kathy is a Member of the Board of Directors at Plant-based Prevention Of Disease, Inc. and a faculty member for the University of New England graduate program in Applied Nutrition. Kathy also served for six years as an instructor for the renowned T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.

    In this coversation Kathy makes a case for why whole food plant based vegan diet is the most sustainable diet benefiting everyone involved - you, me, people on the other side of the world, animals, and our planet. Kathy's approach is kindness and compassion, her message is filled with positivity. "Make it a party!", she says when talking about sharing this lifestyle with others. Hence, the name of the book she is working on - "Climate Party!".

    We talk about the wonderful program she started - at offering resources and support to help you make transition to the whole food plant based lifestyle.

    Kathy generously offered the listeners of this show The Sustainable Diet 30-day Vegan Starter Kit, which offers daily emails, exercises and support to meaningfully change your life. To claims yours today, please go to I really hope you take advantage of that! It is a perfect opportunity to try new recipes and receive daily motivation regardless if you are completely new to this, or have been vegan for years - there is always more to learn!

    So... Make it a Party!!!

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    Jim Corcoran: Environmentalism, Animal Activism and Vegan Diet

    Jim Corcoran, or JC, is a dear friend and a member of my PPOD Family. JC has been vegan for 30 years and is an engaged member of animal rights movement both locally and nationally. He is a Director of Plant Peace Daily, a VP of Animal Protection Voters, Business Developer of Root 66 Food Truck, and organizer of Santa Fe Veg, among many other things. We talk about his evolving journey from environmentalist to animal rights activist, what motivates him today, the stories that inspire him, and, of course, what kindness means to him.

    I love this quote from :

    "I think, therefore I'm vegan."

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    Lori Clark: For the Love of Fitness, Nutrition... and People!

    Lori Clark is a fitness instructor, nutrition and wellness coach in Atlanta, GA. She is a wife, mother of 6, grandmother of 4, and is CRAZY about fitness and nutrition! She also loves people, an it really comes through in everything she does. This is a conversation about her journey to finding her passion and becoming a fitness inductor, about discovering and adopting a whole food plant based vegan lifestyle and sharing it with her family, friends and clients. It is also a conversation about her making and staying true to her commitments and values. Lori shares many helpful resources on how to get started with whole food living and tips on how to make it easy and fun.

    Find Lori at and check out her awesome Youtube Channel here:

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    Jamie Dennis and Jamie's Cookie Dough: Always Vegan. Never a Compromise.

    Jamie Dennis is an owner of Jamies Cookie Dough - an Atlanta based cookie (and cookie dough) company that makes delicious vegan cookies and delivers nationwide. Her slogan is: "Cookies for all occasions. Always vegan, never a compromise." We talk about how she became vegan, how she started her business and the values that drove decisions behind it.

    If you are ready for some sweets after this - you can find Jamie here:

    Call (678) 926-8742

    FB and IG: @jamiescookiedough

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    November Project ATL with Alexa Lampasona

    November Project is a grassroots movement that promotes strong and fun community through FREE fitness. Atlanta is the 44th tribe to join 49 cities around the world! There are thousands of people who now are a part of this community around the globe. Their members vary from Olympic medalists, professional athletes, marathoners, triathletes, current and former collegiate athletes all the way to complete fitness rookies and recent couch potatoes just looking to kickstart their healthy life choices. In this episode Alexa Lampasona - one of the ATL tribe leaders along with Christian Lopez - talks about the concept and mission behind November Project, what they stand for, describes the history of origin for the recently established November Project ATL tribe, and how she finds meaning and purpose in the work (or should we say play?) that she does. Listen in, or even better - #justshowup ! Come out @ 6:27 am Wed- the North Ave bridge on the Beltline Fri - Piedmont Park at 12th St or Grady Stadium Rain or shine, they are #weatherproof

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    Ryan Bifulco, Cooker and Helping Atlanta Eat Healthier

    Ryan Bifulco is the mastermind behind - Atlanta based service that connects hungry eaters with local cookers (chefs) offering healthy home cooked meals. The concept is brilliant! We talk about the Ryan's story, what motivated him to look at food as medicine, what drove him to start the business, and the beautiful mission behind it. Listen up for a treat at the end:). Hungry yet? Check out the website:

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    John Murray and RADDISH: Radical Dishes Cooperative

    John Murray is a coordinator and a long time member of RADDISH - Radical Dishes Cooperative, a queer, vegan organization committed to providing nutritious, home-cooked meals to homeless youth and other marginalized communities in Atlanta. We talk about RADDISH, what it stands for and how you can get involved. We also talk about John's story, his journey to becoming vegan, his work with special needs kids and what kindness means to him.

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    Kevin Randolph and Revolution Running: Racing with a Cause

    Kevin Randolph is a co-founders of Revolution Running - a GA run company that organizes unique adventurous affordable races while partnering up with local charities and non-profits to give back to community. Tune in as Kevin shares the values that drive him and his company, the beautiful stories of race participants that touched his heart, and therapeutic view of running that we both share!

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    Cindy Blankenship, Vegan Running and Cinnamon Rolls

    In this episode I interview Cindy Blankenship - a manager at Cinnaholic, an award-winning gourmet cinnamon roll bakery that is egg-free, dairy-free and 100% vegan! I met Cindy through Humane League ATL as we fundraised together last fall. We discuss her journey to becoming vegan and the turning point that led to that, she shares her running tips, and of course we discuss her work with CInnaholic!

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    Jenny Bilko, RD: 5 easy steps of transitioning to plant-based diet

    Jennifer Bilko is a registered dietitian at Emory Healthcare. Join us as we talk about her journey to becoming a registered dietitian (and what that role entails) and discovering the importance of plant-based diet. Jenny outlines 5 easy steps of transitioning to plant-based diet and shares what her day of eating looks like.

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    Kayla Worden and the Full Circle Farm Sanctuary

    Kayla Worden is a founder of the Full Circle Farm Sanctuary, a Non-Profit Farmed Animal Sanctuary in Warm Springs, GA, dedicated to providing a loving, lifetime home to farmed animals in need & promoting veganism. Join us, as Kayla talks about her very personal journey to discovering herself, finding her purpose in animal activism, and creating a beautiful sanctuary where rescued farmed animals get a chance to live up to their full potential.

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    Ryan Bulzan on The Humane League and Animal Activism

    Ryan Bulzan is a Grass Roots Coordinator at The Humane League - a non-profit animal rights organization. Join us, as we talk about his journey to becoming vegan, finding animal activism and embarking on a career path that speaks to his passion.

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